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UNITED for Intercultural Action und Mitgliedsorganisationen

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The anti- racist movement in Europe declares its solidarity with Harald Glöde

After a violent police raid by 1.000 officers on 19/12/99, our colleague Harald Gloede, member of the anti-racist and refugee organisation FFM in Berlin, has been arrested under accusation of membership in the Revolutionaere Zellen. All other accusations, coming from a dubious crown witness (Kronzeuge), can juridically have no more effect.

Many of us know Harald as an active supporter of (undocumented) refugees and anti-racist campaigner. The many delegates of UNITED conferences in Potsdam, Glencree and Bratislava trust the integrity of Harald more than to believe the manipulated and constructed accusations of the German authorities and "security forces".

We demand Harald's immediate release, and we will organise the solidarity until this aim is achieved! We will not accept the criminalisation of the movement against "Fortress Europe"!

  • UNITED for Intercultural Action - European network against nationalism, racism, fascism and in support of migrants and refugees
  • Asylkoordination Schweiz (Switzerland)
  • FASTI -Federation des Associations de Solidarite avec les Travailleurs Immigres (France)
  • CARF - Campaign Against Racism and Fascism (Great-Britain)
  • SOS Racismo (Portugal)
  • ASLIR - Students Association for Struggle Against Racism in Romania (Romania)
  • IRR - Institute of Race Relations (Great-Britain)
  • Memorial St. Petersburg (Russia)
  • Youth Action for Peace (Romania)
  • Reflex / No pasaran (France)
  • DUHA / UNITED Praha (Czech Republic)
  • Immigrant Support Action Group (Cyprus)
  • Anti-Nazi Group - Grupa Anty-Nazistowska (Poland)
  • Aktion Sühnezeichen Friedensdienste (Germany)
  • Stichting Magenta (Netherlands)
  • Associação Luso-Senegalesa (Portugal)
  • Associação Olho Vivo Defesa do Património, Ambiente e Direitos Humanos (Portugal)
  • Frente Anti-Racista (Portugal)
  • TABANCA - Associação Africana de Solidariedade Social (Portugal)
  • Miroslav Prokes - Member of City Council Prague (Czech Republic)
  • Lisa Kodella - Greek Council for Refugees (Greece)
  • Sara Negrão - INDE Intercooperação e Desenvolvimento (Portugal)
  • Friedemann Bringt - Aktion Suehnezeichen Friedensdienste (Germany)
  • Juergen Schaefer - DGB Bildungswerk Thueringen (Germany)
  • Jannis Konstantis - Hasans vaenner - mot vald och rasism / Network against racism (Sweden)
  • Mateja Demsic - All Different-All Equal (Slovenia)
  • Birgit Funke - Regionale Arbeitsstellen fuer Auslaenderfragen Brandenburg (Germany)
  • Rita Queiroga - Associazione Rieti Immigrant-Provincia (Italy)
  • Jessica Wanzenboeck - Irish Refugee Council (Ireland)
  • Trygve Augestad - Norsk Folkehjelp N. Peoples Aid / Fellesaksjonen mot rasisme (Norway)
  • Anny Knapp - Asylkoordination Oesterreich (Austria)
  • Bárbara Mesquita - Portuguese Refugee Council / Rede Anti-Racista (Portugal)
  • Tania Kozlovska - ADASTRA Youth Organisation (Ukraine)
  • Friedemann Bringt - Vorstand Kreisverband Bündnis 90/die Grünen Dresden (Germany)
  • Kristina Nauditt - Flüchtlingsrat Brandenburg (Germany)
  • Gerd Wermerskirch - Flüchtlingsrat Brandenburg (Germany)
  • Aloio Alex Onguiro - Bulgarian Red Cross/Refugee Migrant Service (Bulgaria)
  • Silvia Zerbinati - Migrants and Refugees Service (Italia)
  • Nancy Spiliopoulo - Greek Council of Refugees (Greece)
  • Marko Cacanoski - Balkan Sunflowers (Macedonia)
  • Kristine Lindberg, Norwegian Peoples Aid/Unit for Ethnic Equality (Norway)
  • João Pinho - ACAI - Angolan Community Association in Ireland (Ireland)
  • Amer Shah - North of England Refugee Service (Great Britain)
  • Osaren Igbinoba - the Voice e.V. (Germany)
  • Goska Malczewska - One World Association/Polish Branch of SCI (Poland)
  • Mustafa Gürbüz - President of the Association of Foreign Refugees in Greece (Greece)
  • Borut Hocevar - Drustvo za Prostovoljno delo MOST/SCI Slovenia (Slovenia)
  • Julia Dolinska - Polish Humanitarian Organisation (Poland)
  • Jana Tikalova - CHV (Czech Republic)
  • Heri Rott - Intercultural Meeting House Koatka 4 (Poland)
  • Helena Kovarikova - Organisation for Aid of Refugees (Czech Republic)
  • Musangamfura Sixbert Erick - Multicultural Information Association (Finland)
  • Eastwood Edo Ihaza - ARI (Italy)
  • Jörg Heidig - Alraume e.V. (Germany)
  • Tanya ward - Irish Council for Civil Liberties / Association of Irish Ethnic Minority Women (Ireland)
  • Lesley Versprille - School Zonder Racisme (Belgium)
  • Manuel Singson III - Migrante - Europe (Philippines)

New names added underneath (June/00):

  • Pascal Hildebert - International Lesbian and Gay Youth Association
  • Violeta Tchavdarova - Youth Consultative Center (Bulgaria)
  • Inara Gulpe-Laganovska - Latvian Human Rights Committee (Latvia)
  • Saikine Leonid - Russian Lawyers Committee in Defence of Human Rights (Russia)
  • Maxim Anmeghichean - Youth for the Right to Live (Moldova)
  • Sandra Gustafsson - Hasans Vänner (Sweden)
  • Garrett Mullan - Show Racism the Red Card / Youth against Racism in Europe (Great Britain)
  • Ove Holmavist - National Equal Opportunities Network (Finland)
  • Ales Inkret - Slovenian Post Pessimists / National Youth Council of Slovenija, Youth Forum of United List of Social Democrats
  • Dariusz Ciepiela - Left Alternative "Lewicowa Alternatywa" (Poland)
  • Starovoitova Ioulia - Memorial St. Petersbourg (Russia)
  • Ben Shaffer - ASF (Germany) / IYMC (Poland)
  • Bouc Audrey - The Aland Islands Peace Institut (Finland)
  • Ucha Nanuashvili - The Independent Society "Human Rights in Georgia" / Human Rights Information and Documentation Center (Georgia)
  • Federico Catasta (Italy)
  • Tanel Joost (Estonia)

The personal signatures above are not yet on behalf of the mentioned organisations.