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CARF - Campaign Against Racism & Facism; Statewatch; Institute of Race Relations / Grossbritannien


The scandalous arrest and imprisonment of Harald under Germany's notorious anti-terrorist laws is a serious blow to the European-wide anti-racist movement in which Harald has played a key part.

Here in the UK, the New Labour government has recently introduced the Prevention of Terrorism Bill which broadens the scope of what constitutes a terrorist act to include the threat of violence for political, religious or ideological causes.

As we warn against the sweeping new powers given to police under this legislation, Harald's arrest graphically highlights our belief that any state will use these powers to clamp down on refugee communities and criminalise anti-racists engaged in legitimate protest against inhumane and increasingly authoritarian asylum policy.

Harald's arrest must become a rallying point for anti-racists across Europe. We must not let him be criminalised.

For as James Baldwin put it: 'If they take you in the morning, they will be coming for us that night'

gez. Liz Fekete, Institute of Race Relations Campaign Against Racism & Fascism (CARF) Statewatch