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Datum: 18.01.2000

AntiFascistisk Aktion-Stockholm Anarkistiska Svarta Hammaren/ Anarchist Black Cross-Stockholm

Box 381 96 100 64 Stockholm Sweden

For the immediate release of Harald, Axel and Sabine!

As groups active in the fields of anti-fascism and political prisoner support work, we consider the arrest of Harald, Axel and Sabine as a direct attack upon our political structures. Our work to dismantle the authoritarian European fortress is a democratic necessity, not a criminal act. 

If through the use of repression, state authorities try to break this struggle through criminalisation, there will always be individuals, groups and organisations who continue the struggle as well as continue to expose the lies and hypocrisy of a corrupt establishment. Criminalised or not. And they will always continue to hit where it hurts the most. 

With this short message we want to express our full support for, and solidarity with, Harald, Axel and Sabine and all the people struggling with them. 

Power durch die Mauer bis sie bricht! 

AntiFascistisk Aktion-Stockholm, Anarkistiska Svarta Hammaren/Anarchist Black Cross-Stockholm 


Mot sexism, rasism, kapitalism och homofobi.